Look What I Discovered In Murwillumbah

Strolling down the main street today feeling fairly tense after a grueling interview, I spotted a new shop just a couple of doors up from the post office.

The sassy shingle caught my eye, it read “SomeTimes”, the shop window displayed some stunning art work. I automatically reached for my phone to take some pics, then realized I left it and my wallet in the glove box of my car. I entered the shop and was greeted by a friendly soul and a just as friendly border collie. My first impression of this newly opened shop was one of genuineness. the artwork is genuine quality artwork, so refreshing! exhilarating actually, non of the mass produced commercial oils you see in most shops. There has been no pretense to decorate the building, it is old and bears all the scares of its age but I immediately felt as though I had discovered the artists hangout of Murwillumbah. The artists have had some fun with pre-loved furniture; tables, chairs, book cases including old books, mirrors, etc. There are also interesting sculptures, pottery and crocheted bottles and jars.

I learned that the man that greeted me when I entered was the artist Sven Knieling and his dog Mango. Sven’s work is stunning and I will return to purchase some of his work. When I do I will take photos and post them here. I just can’t believe that I found such a treasure trove right here in Murwillumbah. If you love art it is really worth a visit.

Be seeing you,

Murwillumbah Observer

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